Beauty Workshops

Workshops are a great way of having a fun time with friends or
colleagues. They are fun, interactive and social. A great way for
work social activity, team building, birthday, hen parties, girls
night out, or simply to get a group of friends together.

These are informative and fun workshops that can be arranged
at our location in the center of Amsterdam or at your chosen place,
whether this is a private room at a hotel or restaurant, your place
of work or even at your home. We will spend around two hours with
you. No hassle, no fuss - just pure indulgent fun!

Make-up Workshops

Have you been applying your make-up the same way for years?
Or maybe you’ve never worn make-up and would like to learn.
If so it might be time for a make-up lesson withus. In this lesson,
you will learn how to apply your make-up fast, effectively and
in the right colours to suit your colouring and personality.
Our professional make-up artist will host an interactive session
with you and explain the folowing:

 What make-up you need and don't need
 How to accentuate your best features
 How to make your make-up last
 How to apply make-up with the chance to practice

Nailart workshops

You will discover new designs and will use an range of
exciting and beautiful materials to create stunning nails.
This artistic nail workshop is perfect for everyone wanting
to increase their repertoire of nail treatments and develop
their creative skills. With nail art becoming increasingly
popular throughout the world, now has never been a better
time to take advantage of this colourful, creative and exiting

Make-up workshops are also available at your location

Color and Style workshops

This workshop will teach you the best styles and fabrics
for your bodyshapes. Also learn about your own unique style
personalities and how to express them through your clothes.
As well everybody will make his own moodboard on canvas
which you can take with you as a reminder.

Corporate packages

We also offer corporate packages of hair, makeup, nails and
massage for companies looking to organize events such as:
Ladies Day, Christmas parties, Summer parties, or motivational
courses for staff.

For more information about our service please contact us